It’s not a race

When it comes to knitting I knit stitches pretty fast, but my attention span leaves much to be desired for. Projects can really crawl along for me when I’m just not able to knit for more than 5 minutes at a time, something that happens frequently.

That’s fine though. Everyone knits at their own pace. I know that once I get the hang of something I can go way past the speed limit, but that doesn’t really make me better than someone who goes slowly and more deliberately. There is no competition, it’s not a race to the finish line (unless you’ve set your own deadlines in which case you’re only racing yourself) so there’s no point in treating it like it is.

I truly love my friend (the one who taught me how to knit) but sometimes her comments like “you should have finished it by now!” can be aggravating. She likes being right and being better than others, which I’m okay with because her desire to be good is a trait I admire. I just wish she wouldn’t apply it to me. It makes me tired and irritated when I’m talking about my WIPs and she keeps bringing up how fast she’d finish that project if it were her. It’s admirable that she can work projects so fast, but I don’t like feeling belittled for my lack of speed. I knit much faster than her when it comes to stitch for stitch (I even knit stitches faster than she crochets stitches), but I can’t spend 5 hours in a row just knitting like she can. I take breaks, I watch movies, I play games, I talk to people online so that I don’t become totally exhausted.

I’ve been thinking about how to bring it up to her, but I fear she’ll get the wrong impression no matter how I phrase it. She has misinterpreted what I said before and I don’t have the energy to deal with a disgruntled friend over something so trivial. It hasn’t come up recently, but I fear that when I talk to her about how fast my sweater is coming along she’ll try to one-up me again and I might snap. (I’ve had a lot to put up with lately and no outlet has been releasing the pressure, which is bad…)

Do you have (or had) any friends like this? How do or did you deal with a situation like I described?


One thought on “It’s not a race

  1. I can totally understand your feelings about knitting. I love to knit, though sometimes I get frustrated just thinking how much time it takes. I sometimes try to watch a movie while I knit, but if either the knitting or the storyline requires closer attention I tend to get lost. And I truly envy those who are able to read while they knit. I feel like you cannot spend all your free time knitting away, since you are going to miss out on so much else. This goes for any activity in fact.
    As for your friend, I have had similar experience – not with knitting though. And really don’t know how to deal with it. I believe it’s just people who try to boost their self confidence by claiming they do something better than others. As you say, it’s better not to enter the competition. While you know your way works better for you, you are fine. You can smile quietly at their statements and say nothing. If it gets annoying though… I have found it useful to make my point, although, as you say, you always run the risk of the other person taking it badly…

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