I’m starting to feel the effects of constant, lingering and nagging pain again. I made a wrong move two days ago. The pain shot through my back into my legs and my whole body was locked in a muscle spasm because my body didn’t know what to do with the excess pain stimulation on my spinal nerves. I managed to twist just enough to have the pain dissipate at the time, but I knew the damage was done. I feared that after a rest in bed I would be bed bound again, even if at the time I was still able to move.

I doubled my pain meds and soldiered through the evening. Yesterday I went to group and even went grocery shopping with one of the counselors for the Bento workshop I’m holding on Thursday. As long as I’m mobile the pain lessens, the more I sit or stand the worse it gets. That means I’ve slowed down on knitting drastically this week. 😦


The sleeve is coming along quite well. This picture is from 2 days ago. I got really close to finishing the sleeve last night when I realized I decreased wrong and messed up the shaping of the wrist. I had to rip out almost 4 inches but as it’s only stockinette it really doesn’t matter much. I hope to finish it today and start on the right sleeve. 🙂 Although the body of the sweater doesn’t fit me (my boyfriend is skinnier than I am) the arm does and we have the same length, so I can ‘try it on’ and go from there.

I’m very impressed with the pattern so far, considering it really isn’t a pattern of itself but just an instruction on how to construct any raglan top-down sweater. I’m noticing how far I’ve come skills-wise too. It’s very exciting!

Now for some gamer excitement: I got my Fallout 4 Pip-Boy CE!

I am VERY excited to start playing! My internet was crapping out yesterday, meaning I had to let the download run overnight to install the game. I have a meeting shortly and since I know I’ll be sucked right into the game until it’s time for bed I’m holding off on starting now. It’ssohardtowaitthough! I’m going to have to evict my phone from its case and figure out how to shove it into the Pip-Boy but it’s going to be so worth it.

Are you excited? I’m excited!


2 thoughts on “*ribbit*

    • Thanks! At this time I don’t, I’m unsure what a reasonable price would be without severely underselling my time. I’m thinking about gathering some data about it and see about opening a slot or two after the holidays though. 🙂

      Maybe you can tell me what you’d consider a fair price? I spent approximately 40 hours on this one over a span of 17 days.

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