Keep on swimming


Between Fallout 4 and laying down to rest my back, the second sleeve is coming along quite slowly compared to the first one. Nevertheless, I’m past halfway and hope to have the sleeve finished by the end of Sunday and the neck done by Monday night! Then I’m showing it off at group on Tuesday and starting the socks for my family. I could start them now but that means I would finish them in time. Who would do such madness? Freaking out over deadlines for the holidays is what it’s all about, right?

I also went swimming Friday morning with some people from my group. It relieved a lot of pressure off my back, and although I couldn’t swim a whole lane without stopping 3-4 times cause of pain in my legs, I did swim about 7-8 full lanes. Not bad for a semi-disabled person huh? I took it at my own pace, listening to my body and that worked out well. I’m going again next Friday morning. I’m considering going regularly every month through the next year as it’s a great way to exercise without straining my back. I’m a little hesitant in terms of going by myself, but maybe I can rope someone else into going with me if the weekly group swimming stops.

Either way, I’m not doing too badly, I’m proud of my sweater so far and eager to finish. I wish I could play Fallout in longer sessions but my body demands the rest. Ergh.


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