*sprints across the finish line! *

I’m writing this post face down in bed with a cat curled up on my butt/thighs, so please excuse typos and weirdly aligned images. No, I’m not confined bed but I needed to rest my back and had the urge to blog. 😉

Great news though! I finished my boyfriend’s sweater last night and wove in the ends today. I’m going to show it off to some people before I put it through a soak and wash.


How’s that for my first sweater? 😉 It still feels unreal that I made this myself from scratch. (Does anyone else get this sensation every time they finish a project?) And in just a little over two weeks too! It flew off my needles like crazy and I felt no doubts or insecurity about it whatsoever, the whole thing was a breeze.

With that behind me I cast on a pair of socks for my dad. I hope to finish them within a week as they’re vanilla socks and I’m familiar with the Fish Lips Kiss heel now. 🙂 Then I just have my mom’s and my sister’s socks left. Why did I wait so long again?


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