Say hello to my dearest Codsworth!

A couple of weeks ago, someone I’m following on WordPress posted a picture of their knitting with the most curious yarn bowl. (I forgot who it was, as I’ve started following so many knitters over the past month – please remind me!) I asked her what it was and she told me it’s called a “Yarn It”. Intrigued I investigated and stumbled upon their site. The price threw me off a little at first; who could spend $35 on a plastic bowl even if it looks adorable?

Then I read further into it. It’s not just any common plastic, but the kind that you can pound with a hammer and it doesn’t break. The whole design is geared towards knitters’ comfort and can hold both cakes and balls of yarn without any trouble. There is a storage space in the holder for things like darning needles and stitchmarkers, the design is made to fit cupholders in cars and airplanes and there is even a strap that lets you carry it over your shoulder on the go. On many occasions my cakes and balls have rolled off tables and other surfaces onto dirty floors. It can be a pain to retrieve it. I always wanted a knitting bowl but the nice ones are really expensive and I don’t trust my cats near any type of ceramic or wood piece that can break when it falls.

The more I read about these common woes and how the Yarn It combats it, the more I was sold. I saved up for it and ordered it on the 20th. Within hours I received a notification that my package was ready for shipping. A couple of hours later it had been picked up by USPS and was on its way to me. It took only 4 days, including the weekend, for the package to end up my doorstep from the moment I ordered. Wowzers! That’s some service!

I vowed to name my Yarn It Codsworth, after the Mr. Handy robot in Fallout 4. I ordered the Cooper with a Stashe because it’s cute, I love purple and I love that the top half is clear, and because its mighty fine English elegance reminds me of Codsworth all the way. (Plus my boyfriend insisted.)

I’m thrilled and happy! The socks for my dad are nearing completion and I had not expected I’d be able to finish them with Codsworth. A happy surprise and I’m going to knit the hell out of these now. 😉


3 thoughts on “Say hello to my dearest Codsworth!

    • It comes in a bunch of varieties! Including without a mustache and in clear and colored bowls and feet.

      If you take your knitting with you and have problems getting the cake or skein to stay in place/drop them on the floor often, this can be super useful cause it’s very portable and prevents your yarn from getting dirty. 🙂

      I suggest checking out their site! All of the bowls come with a plug and a strap included.

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