Floating around

Today is the third Friday that I went swimming with my group. I don’t think any of us ‘felt it’. One lady had a headache,  the other didn’t feel okay,  my back acted up and the fourth lady was very tired. That means we showered and changed early and had coffee at the cafetaria downstairs.

Now we’re back at the group building being artsy and crafty until lunch starts twenty minutes from now.

Of course I brought my mom’s socks with me to work on during the coffee break and for the rest of the afternoon. I promised a picture!


I keep disliking and then loving this colorway and I can’t make up my mind. It feels very earthy and forest-y one moment and ‘dirty’ the next. I’m going to finish the pair though,  I think I might really like it when they’re done and the yarn had a chance to show itself in all of its glory. (I may also be a big optimist!)

As for my Yarn It, I’m in love and very happy with it! My only complaint is that my conventional 100 grams yarn cakes don’t fit. I think it was designed with 50 gram skeins in mind, which means I had to knit the toes and a chunk of the foot before I could stash the cake in the bowl and work from it. I’ve been thinking about this and concluded a few things:

1. An actual ball could potentially fit because it will fit better than a cake. The downside is that you can’t pull from both ends this way, and you need to know how to make a center pull ball if it won’t rotate.
2. For most of my yarn and projects it’s absolutely no problem to make two 50gr cakes instead.
3. I will make two 50gr cakes with my next sock yarn and see if they will squish together in the Yarn It. Since they’re both center pull they don’t need to rotate as long as the yarn can be pulled from both holes.

Overall I’m thrilled with this accessory so far! I love having my darning needles and stitch markers safely stashed in the foot, and I haven’t dropped my yarn on the floor since I got it.

It also makes for a nice conversation starter. 😉


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