When luck strikes!

It’s Thursday evening and I’m casually browsing the Dutch version of craigslist for yarn. When you’re working with a budget as a knitter, you rely mostly on sales and other promotions to get beautiful luxury yarns, so this is where you can find pretty good deals most of the time.

It doesn’t take long before I spot the ad. “Leftover lot of Phil Tweed yarn”. I click and find that this seller has a mixed lot of various colorways from the Phildar brand, Phil Tweed. I don’t know this brand but I love tweed yarn. It turns out the yarn is discontinued and they need to get rid of what’s left. They usually sell each skein of yarn for €3.95 and for 37 skeins this means the lot’s retail value is €146 and some change. As soon as I check their asking price I immediately bid. This whole lot for only €37? I’m all in!

I get an email pretty quickly telling me that for this offer, I can pick it up or have it sent to me. Turns out that this person is the owner of my local yarn store. (I only saw a first name on the site.) Go figure! I tell him I’ll come pick it up at 4 in the afternoon the next day. So after group I head over, grab a skein of sock yarn for my sock giveaway on my favorite roleplaying community and head over to the counter. I tell the lady I’m here to pick up the lot of yarn from the advertisement website and she procures this massive box stuffed to the brim of yarn.

Holy crap.

She asks me if I want a bag for easier carrying and I say sure, why not! She fills this big shopping bag and just barely manages to get it all in without spilling over. Holy crap. A little over €40 for the lot and the sock yarn later and I’m sitting here with a mountain of yarn.


I checked the labels and it turns out this yarn is a blend of nylon, acrylic, wool and silk in DK. It’s super soft to the touch and I’m already assigning half a dozen patterns to the yarn. I kind of want to knit a sweater or cardigan with it, I might use the two colors with the most skeins in the back for that in a stripe-pattern. For the rest I’m considering a beautiful hat, mittens, maybe a scarf.


This soft pinkish colorway is probably my favorite from the whole bunch though. 🙂


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