You’ve got to be bobbling me!

I finished vacuuming (+ tidying up the kitchen floor + bathroom floor + mopping both kitchen and bathroom) and while I’m resting with a very sore back, I found this article in my Facebook feed from the Real Men Knit group:

When a bobble isn’t a bobble.

Bobbles are new to me because I didn’t know about their existence until I got a sock pattern book from my friend wherein a pattern features it, only a couple of weeks ago. The instructions were less than friendly, and although I find bobbles intriguing and want to try them, I was scared off. After giving this article a read-over I’m actually itching to try it! I know just enough crochet to make this work. This ‘rosette’ is also more subtle than the traditional bobble, which I quite enjoy.

I hope this is useful to others as well!


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