One of those days…

Somehow I managed to get a full night’s sleep. When I woke up I still felt exhausted though, probably because of all the vivid dreams I was having. (That generally doesn’t make for a restful sleep huh?) I managed to shower and go to group.

Worked on the legs of my mom’s socks in a 2×2 rib and ended up dropping a stitch. I thought I’d caught it but I was working a loose strand while the stitch dropped farther and farther down. Cursed a lot and fixed that. The group had two nice ladies who were sitting in on a trial day to see if they like our group to join. I don’t dislike them, but they were overbearingly present. They’re also friends from a different therapy group and kept talking over me and others when we tried to speak up. It made this afternoon feel noisy and I felt really excluded from the room because of it after a while. Again, it’s not that I don’t like them, but the novelty of our place and their (very understandable clique-ness) just didn’t make this afternoon nice for me.

I came back home and it looked like everyone chose my street to go home through. One side of the road has parking spaces while the other doesn’t, which means that one parked car forces that side to wait and let the others pass. I park in those spaces. They were all filled up by people waiting to pass and I had to wedge my car into a space I needed to parallel park in but couldn’t. I waited for the road to clear but the fucking cars kept coming and nobody was taking heed of my situation. So goddamn annoying. It took forever to get out of there and I ended up parking farther ahead in a fit of rage.

As soon as I exited my car and shut the door, the side view mirror fell out of its slot (thankfully it didn’t break). It was raining and storming while I tried to force it back. It won’t stick, one small tap on the back of the mirror and it falls out.

At this point I was so frustrated I just wanted to smash in the window with my fist. Or maybe punch a random cyclist off their bike. Instead I just threw the mirror into my car and texted my dad. Asked him if he can come down here tomorrow and take a look, he can probably get it fitted properly again.

It doesn’t really help that my back is very sore from chores yesterday, either. It feels like it’s just one of those clumsy days where nothing goes right and I’m better off tucked in bed with a good book and no obligations. If only life worked that way.


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