Swatch away!

I’m going to be taking 1 or 2 days off knitting. I’ve been knitting every day non-stop since October 30th (I’m not even kidding, I wish I was) and I’m in dire of need of a bit of downtime. My wrist has been hurting which is an obvious indication I need to slow down.

The good news is I’m only less than 2 inches away from binding off my mom’s socks. Great! That should only be 1 day’s worth of knitting. And then I have until the 21st to knit my sister’s pair (probably the smallest pair) before all of them go in the wash and get wrapped up for Christmas. I’ve been busting my butt on my knitting so much I even have extra time to take it easy! Who would’ve thought? Might I also add I’m jelly of the lot of you who have family with small feet? I come from a line of giants and sock knitting doesn’t go as fast as I’d like it to go.

I started my downtime by knitting another swatch for my sweater. (Shhhhh… I know.) I used 5mm needles at first and the swatch came out a little too stiff to my liking. I washed and blocked it and while the woolwash softened it, the drape still wasn’t what I was looking for. I went and bought 5.5mm needles (which I didn’t already had for some weird reason) and just finished a new swatch that I quickly washed in the sink. I already liked the drape much better than the first.


I clumsily tacked the first swatch beneath the still blocking second after realizing I needed a proper comparison.

Interestingly enough, the variegated colorway comes out much better in the larger gauge (top) than in the smaller (bottom). I’m 99% sure I’m going with the 5.5mm at this point. I feared the gauge would be too loose and show my bra if worn but I think it’s dense enough not to do that. 🙂 And I’d rather have a nice drape in my sweater than a stiff one that feels uncomfortable to wear, anyway.

In other news, my regular newsletter from Ice Yarns came in and my curiosity for an unusual yarn sale was piqued. It’s like an adorable mix between a premade store bought item and handknit garment!


The basic idea appears to be that you knit the scarf, hat, booties or whatever you want to make with it first, and then sew the premade animal head and paws on when you’re done. I’ll probably not buy it myself, but I think there might be some of my followers out there who would be interested in this!


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