About that break

“I’m taking a break from knitting!” said Sanne with all the best of intentions. “I made a swatch for my sweater!” said Sanne only an hour later, completely going against her own advice. “I made another swatch for this hat pattern I want to try, and I recalculated the pattern for my size!” said Sanne who basically just went “fuck that shit” at the whole taking a break from knitting thing. “LOOK I’M ALMOST DONE WITH THE SOCKS!”

So, uh. Apparently I’m not very good at keeping my word when it comes to knitting abstinence. Then again, abstinence in general has been scientifically proven to be useless as shit, so I should have known! I guess the good news is that I’m less than an inch away from finishing my mom’s socks. I joined the knitting-in-elastic for that last inch in the 2×2 rib.


Socks with a ribbed leg always look so weird to me but I know my mom loves these kind of socks. They slow me down though.

Anyway! Besides that sweater swatch I blogged about, I also made a quick swatch with that discontinued yarn I snatched up. I’ve been looking for a fun hat pattern that uses colorwork, which is something I’ve never really done before (duplicate stitch ftw!) but I needed to know my gauge to adjust the size. I have a 23.5″ circumference and the pattern is written for 22″. That 1.5″ matters for fit when it comes to hats, I’ve found. It just gets uncomfortable otherwise!


Isn’t this combo lovely? I’m very excited to start on it! The pattern is The Easy Ombre Slouch Hat and the chart is 4 stitches wide, which means you don’t have to bother with locking/weaving floats yet. 🙂 I think it’ll be a great introduction to stranding. My gauge perfectly matches the one in the pattern so all I have to do is cast on 4 extra stitches to repeat the chart one additional time and voila.

Each skein of this yarn is 50 grams so I took the opportunity to smoosh both cakes into my Yarn It to see if it works. It took some fiddling to get the yarn all squished in there, but if you pull from the center it works out perfectly. Hurray! No more twisted yarn inside the globe.

I’m going to finish the socks tonight since there’s no reason not to. I’ll have to hold off on casting on the hat though… The last pair of socks simply have priority, but the hat will be a nice project to start and finish before I cast on my sweater. 🙂 Wish me luck!

To all the Dutch people out there, I also wish you a Vrolijk Sinterklaas feest! And if you’re not Dutch, then just have a glorious happy weekend~


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