Is there a thing like ‘too much knitting’?

NEVER! Knitting is life, many of us would be lost without it. That’s part of the reason my mom’s christmas socks are now finished and I cast on my Easy Ombre Slouchy Hat.


I just can’t get over how silly unblocked socks can look when you knit a ribbed leg. Like little chimneys coming out of a bag! It’s kind of funny actually, and in the end what matters is the way they look when worn, right? 🙂 I have a feeling my mom is going to love them!


The ‘two center pull cakes’ method I figured out for my Yarn It is also working out smoothly. I feared it’d be iffy getting a smooth feed from the cake but it’s surprisingly efficient. I’m almost done with the rim, then it’s an inch of stockinette, and then the really nerve wrecking part starts:

<insert dramatic drum rolls>

Stranded color work!

“Didn’t you have another pair of socks to finish?” As a matter of fact I do! But it’s only the 5th, I have until the 21st to knit them and I’m so effing tired of the sock yarn at this point I needed a change of pace. Something that works up more quickly than socks to lift my spirits. Worsted would probably have been even quicker, but DK works for now. Plus I wanted a guinea pig for the two-cakes-in-one idea before I committed and irritated myself after splitting the skein in two.

Also, can I just say I absolutely love the feeling of this yarn? Despite being heavy in nylon and acrylic fiber, the little bit of wool and silk just give it this beautiful smooth texture that makes me want to keep touching it. It’s a pity each skein was retailed for such a high price, I would have bought it more when it was still sold. On the upside, I’m glad I managed to snap up a big lot with such a huge discount though.

I’m considering writing a post for other people like me who work on a budget but are still interested in buying high quality (animal fibers) yarn. Would that be something that interests you?


2 thoughts on “Is there a thing like ‘too much knitting’?

  1. I would love to read a post about buying high quality yarn. I’ve been stuck with mostly synthetic yarns, because my college student budget doesn’t always agree with fancy fibers.
    The socks look silly, but they also look like they’ll turn out wonderful once blocked. Great work!

    • I’ve been putting a post together in my head, so expect to see it pop up sometime next week. 🙂

      I don’t have a sock blocker unfortunately (they’re almost impossible to find in the Netherlands for some reason and it’s too expensive to order and ship them from other countries) so my mom will just have to block them with her own feet. 😉

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