Running out of steam

Man, I think I have a little knitting burnout. I finished the heels on my sister’s socks with a lot of difficulty. Took me two days, what the heck? I have the leg and cuff left to go but I’m so tired and so not feeling any knitting at the moment. At least not the socks… And I can’t cast on anything else until they’re done. I have 4 more days to complete them, and I can make it if I put my ass into gear and get to it.

Christmas knitting is fun but I’m not sure just how often I’ll do this. I know a lot of people have resorted to the “I’ll only knit if someone specifically asks for something for the holidays” policy, and I think I’ll adopt it too. Seems more reasonable!

My boyfriend just boarded a plane to FL to visit his family for the holidays. I’m a little anxious about it (as usual) but it shouldn’t take long for him to get there at least. He brought the sweater with him (I think he’s wearing it right now) and will be showing it off to his family. 🙂 It makes me all fuzzy on the inside.


5 thoughts on “Running out of steam

    • Woah!! Man I’m glad I pace myself. 😛 I can’t imagine going two years without knitting! That must have been both an amazing accomplishment and a massive burnout in one huh?

      • I’m glad you pace yourself too.It’s something it took me a while to learn to do. I think after finishing the sweaters I found a job and also became interested in a “new to me craft” maybe it’s when I started wood burning? Now I do alternate more often between my different crafts (it uses different muscles as well as different creativity brain cells:)

    • That’s why I knit a hat for myself in between. 🙂 When I finish this pair I’ll be done with my Christmas knits though, so to start on a new project now will only get in the way.

      I’ll be casting on a sweater for myself during Christmas instead!

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