*nibble nibble*

The Christmas cards I sent out earlier this month have been trickling in with all my friends, and two small gifts I sent along arrived today! I’m very stoked that both recipients are happy with it. Although I should probably say three recipients. 😉

1390619_1203218103039775_57815231788020909_nThe first good news I got this morning was from my friend Shannon whom I knit a Jayne Hat for.

New hat, pretty cunning don’t you think? Woman walks down the street in that hat, people know she’s not afraid of anything.

Damn Straight.

Sanne look what showed up this morning! omg its super nice and it fits great. ty so much!

It was a bit of a challenge to knit this one. There are licensing issues that make it hard for people to sell these, and patterns are quite varied and inconsistent. I did my best ‘freehanding’ this. It turned out a little big, but my friend doesn’t mind it. She prefers it that way over being too snug! I’m just glad I was able to give her a Christmas gift that made her happy. 🙂

The second good news came in the shape of a video posted on Facebook. Meet Mr. Truffle! He’s a guinea pig belonging to my friend Kim. He has quite a tragic backstory which you can read about here. Fear not, for he now lives happily with a very knowledgeable and generously kind owner! My friend knows a lot about piggies, so a few months ago I asked her: can piggies have knitted blankets to sleep on?

She wasn’t sure how that would work out with this little clumsy nails, but we agreed that a 100% cotton yarn would be safe for him in case of curious nibbles. I told her that if she found during supervision that the blanket wasn’t suitable, she could reuse it for something else or donate it, no big deal. Thus I set to knit a very simple garter blanket. And I mean very simple, it’s just a basic patch estimate to proper measurement for Mr. Truffle, but simple seemed like the best option!


Mr. Truffle didn’t waste much time before he inspected the blanket, sniffing each stitch individually shortly before taking a big powernap! My friend was very kind to take a video of the first time the Truffler found his new blankie. There appear to be no issues with his feetsies getting caught and he seems to like it a lot! This absolutely made my day and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to knit for this little guy. ❤


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