Gezellige feestdagen!

To everyone all around the world, I want to wish you all happy holidays. 😀 I want to translate this post’s title for you, but the (interesting) truth is there’s no English equivalent for ‘gezellig’. It boils down to a ‘happy holidays’ though. 😉

In other great news, today is Some Daft Thoughts’ fifth anniversary! Apparently I signed up for this blog five years ago on Christmas Eve. I may have had periods of inactivity and a rocky start, but the journey has been amazing and I’m excited to see where the next five years will take me.

There is a lot I want to blog about, but to be honest I have an inch left of my sister’s socks before binding off and I want to wrap it up today (quite literally). We’re not exchanging gifts until the second Christmas day so I have time left, but everything else is wrapped and ready to go and I want these done! And yes, in the Netherlands we have three days of Christmas: Christmas eve, first Christmas day (25th) and the second Christmas day (26th). They’re officially recognized as such. 🙂 That’s two things some people learned from one post!

I’m going to sit down and finish these socks now. I hope everyone enjoys the gifts they’re getting and your gift recipients will love what you made and got for them! Please eat plenty but smartly and have a lovely time.

Much love,


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