Knitting into the new year

Not much has been going on. The usual ‘holidays diet regrets’ are kicking in, I’ve set goals for 2016 and I’ve been knitting up a storm. My boyfriend is spending time with his family and talking to me every day and I will be spending New Year’s Eve with my parents. 🙂

My sweater is coming along splendidly!


I’ve been very dumb while trying it on before. There’s no need to transfer every stitch onto a long piece of scrap yarn when I have a dozen 100cm circular needles lying around! I just put half the stitches on a second needle and the sleeve stitches on a third and fourth needle. Much quicker and works just fine!

I prefer long sweaters and shirts, so I will be knitting this one for another 2″, then knit 2″ of ribbing on a size smaller needles. That should make it comfortably long for me. (And if not there’s nothing stopping me from picking up stitches and knitting an extra inch!)

I’m super exhausted so it’s time for bed. In case I don’t blog before the new year rolls in, have a happy new year! Be safe, don’t drink and drive and have fun. 🙂


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