Checking in

How is everyone doing? I’ve been a little busy with life things and I’ve not been good about keeping up with everyone’s blogs!

My sweater is doing fine. I got a little burned out after redoing the sleeve, and it’s resting in my project bag at the moment. To give myself a change of pace I decided to knit up the yarn I was given as part of a contest prize for winning (with my artwork) and QT 3.14159 is almost ready to be shown to the world! He’s a little robot plushie. All his parts have been knitted, now I just have to sew him together. 1 arm and 2 legs left to go.

Monday I went for my quarterly checkup with my diabetes doctor and my A1C went from 6.2 to 7.5. Which is too high and probably because I screwed up my diet throughout the holidays. My daily glucose value was alright though. I talked to her about the constant unexplained spikes and crashes (12mmol/l after a single slice of whole wheat bread with a slice of cheese one day, crashing down to 4mmol/l with the same sandwich the next day after two hours…) and it appears to be typical for someone with LADA. As a reminder, I have the antibodies of type 1 diabetes, but the process is happening slowly in adulthood versus quickly in childhood. I also have insulin resistance and overweight issues common of type 2, which puts me in 1.5 double diabetes. I can go for half a decade to a decade without insulin if I manage my condition with diet and exercise, but my pancreas has ‘hiccups’ with irregular insulin output that can make things very frustrating. There’s not much I can do, we’re going to check my A1C again in April and do a yearly complete checkup to see how my kidneys and everything else is doing.

In the meantime it’s back to focusing on homecooked meals and quitting the snacks.

Speaking of exercise, my friends started using this incredible app for exercising and I joined the horde (pun intended!). It’s called Zombies, Run! and it is a running app that immerses you in a post-zombie-apocalypse world. You run to complete missions, gather supplies and rebuild a town all the while listening to the radio chatter and doing awesome things like rescuing people.

As someone who gets bored FAST of routine exercise, this is a godsend. I turn on my FM radio or music player for music between the sections and either walk normally outside or use my stationary bike indoors. The app is versatile in the cardio you can do. You can use GPS to track your progress by distance, you can use the pedometer to track your steps (for treadmills or if you don’t want to drain battery with GPS) or you can choose a constant speed like when you’re on a stationary bike. Heck, you can bike outside and use GPS and it works!

Now the free version is limited to season 1’s first 4 missions. After that you unlock one mission a week. If you don’t mind repeating missions or making use of the free side-missions, then that works well. If you want to unlock everything so you can do this 5-7 times a week, you can get the subscription at $3 a month or $22 a year. Considering it’s more fun and cheaper than a gym, I’m saving up to get the yearly sub. I tried out 1 month paid and so far I just love it enough to commit. I also suspect paying for it will motivate me to use it more. 🙂

If you like zombies and ant to spice up your cardio, I recommend giving the free version of the app a try!


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