What a little QT 3.14159!

The first sleeve on my sweater is done (and fits this time!) and the second one is several inches in. It would have been done by now if I hadn’t had to redo the first sleeve and then got burned out on it. To alleviate that exhaustion, I focused on a different project. Something cute, fun and quick to finish. Taking my time it took 5 days from start to finish to work this plushie. It was a nice break and the end result is smashing!

So meet my little bud, QT 3.14159 (Cutie Pie)!


I used the pattern Louie the Lovebot with Lion Brand’s yarn Hometown USA in colorways Dallas Grey and Key Lime. I won one skein of Dallas Grey last year when I placed in an art contest and bought one more in the same colorway and one in Key Lime (you can’t tell the gray is in two different dye lots). I used a size 7mm circulars. Two skeins of the gray turned out to be too little but one skein of green was plenty. I ended up knitting one arm and one leg in reverse colors so I would have enough yarn for everything.

The result itself is very cute but the pattern itself isn’t optimal. I ended up knitting the body flat with 2 extra stitches at CO so I could mattress stitch up the sides and avoid the impossible intarsia in the round. I stranded the colorwork. Next time I think I may just duplicate stitch for a better tension and neater look, cause working super bulky yarn on too small needles is hard work by itself, but colorwork becomes a drama! Some of the construction is also a bit weird.

Things I would do different next time:

  • Work the body in the round without colorwork and duplicate stitch the heart instead (marking the first color stitch with a stitchmarker).
  • Use a provisional CO for the body so that I can kitchener stitch the body closed after stuffing for a neater finish.
  • Instead of using the 3 needle bindoff for the body, kitchener stitch it closed on the shoulders and leave the stitches between the markers live on the needles. You’re going to pick them up again for the head anyway. You can sew the gap between the body and head shut later from the inside without it being visible.
  • Pick up stitches on the body to start the arms with to avoid having to sew them on (it was difficult and didn’t look neat at all).
  • When CO the feet, you start with the heels. I would use Judy’s Magic CO to avoid having a gap and needing to sew it shut, it would look better.
  • I’d probably pick up stitches and knit the ear bolts on directly rather than sew them on.

Part of these modifications stem from the fact I hate sewing. Most people dislike weaving in, or kitchener stitch or similar things. I like those. I hate sewing! The less I have to do it, the better.

I’m actually excited to knit him a little buddy. He’s about 55cm/21.5″ tall from the top of this head to the bottom of his feet with super bulky yarn on 7mm needles.  I think a worsted or DK yarn might be good for a little guy. 🙂


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