An emotional run

Now I don’t do running. With my herniated disc, it’s one form of exercise I’m terrified of doing and will avoid. But that doesn’t stop me from walking or biking!

I spoke about the Zombies, Run! app in my last post and decided, what the heck, why don’t I just share my progress on my blog every time I exercise? They’re single images (without a map in my blog’s case) so it should be easy. 🙂


Today was a bike run (constant speed) and this mission made me talk back. “I’m still here!” “I’m coming back!” “DON’T GIVE UP ON ME!!”

By the end I was legit in tears. And my friend said production value only goes up in the following seasons, good god. Tomorrow will be a ‘rest day’, in that I will probably take a walk and do a supply run side mission for about 15 minutes instead.


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