Small things with big impacts

It always surprises me how small injuries to the body can have such a devastating effect on it as a whole. Now my tooth abces wasn’t a minor problem, but even though I’m at the end of my antibiotics course with no more swelling in sight, I am absolutely exhausted. There is still a constant drain of infection gunk coming from my gums, but it shouldn’t be long before all that is gone too. Yesterday I managed to do a 30 minute Zombies, Run! mission on my stationary bike and it was tough as nails.


Today I’m so tired from eating wrong and recovering from the infection that I don’t know about doing a full 30 minutes. So I decided to do a side mission for supply gathering instead, and set 15 minutes as my minimum with 30 as my max. If I can get past 15, yay! If not, yay I did 15!

What have you been struggling with the past week?


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