Why it’s good to know your tech stuff.

One thing that I really dislike about certain Ravelry patterns is that they are outdated, linking to a pattern on a website that no longer exists. It’s particularly annoying when it looks like you finally found that spectacular pattern you’ve been browsing around for the past 3 hours, only to run into a dead end. So much frustration, so much anger!

I ran into this issue today, when I found the Cats Love Sweaters pattern. The link brings me to a blank website that is no longer available. Now what? Thankfully I’m well versed in my Google-fu and know how to check a site’s cache. Alas, even here I just run into a plain ‘this domain is up for grabs’ page. Guess the site’s been down for years and nobody’s picked up the domain since. So then what?

There’s a website on the internet called “Way Back Machine” (which is linked to on the caching site as well), also known as the internet archive. How it works is quite simple: at the top of the page, you enter the URL of the site that is broken (or you want to see an older version of). In my case, I used http://www.christinelandry.com/?cat=7 as this is the URL the pattern gives. Click on “Browse History”, and it will take you to a calendar. Each time this website stored a version of this site, it is shown as a blue date.

So now you need to know when the pattern was published, so you know what year and month to look for. I checked and the pattern was published September 2007. Now in 2007, the website was stored once on October 11th. Which is good! That’s a date very close after publishing, so it’s likely the website was up and running without problems. I click this date and lo and behold, the pattern! Now to save this pattern for later use, I select all the text (and pictures) that I need, right-click and choose “Print”.  Nope, I’m not going to print this pattern at all! Instead I will save it to my computer in a super duper easy way. At the top left where it says “Destination”, I click the “Change” button and then pick “Save as PDF”.

When the print page is ready, I click on “Save” and save the now newly created PDF file to my computer! This means as long as I have this file, I can print and check this pattern on my computer, my phone or tablet whenever I need to. 🙂 This works for any pattern that is featured on a blog or website. It’s a great way to hold on to a beloved pattern that may one day disappear from the internet without wasting tons of paper.

Is this something you will be doing in the future yourself?


5 thoughts on “Why it’s good to know your tech stuff.

  1. OMG this is great! So tech savvy! P.S. I got a ravelry account. My username is aknittingadventur (no e, they didn’t allow that many characters), if you want to add me 🙂 I can’t guarantee my account is that exciting yet though. I know you told me your username a while ago, but I’ve just recently got an account and can’t remember which post your comment was on.

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