“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Things have been quiet on my blog front. I feel bad about this because I’ve felt strangely disconnected from the people I don’t really know, but who frequently leave a comment and a like. Weird how faceless human beings can make you miss them with only  the barest of interactions, huh?

I suppose that just puts emphasis on how important you all are to me. 🙂 That’s why I’m absolutely stoked to bring you good news!

First, a recap: I’ve been living in this place for 5 years now, and none of it has been positive. My first landlord was a demented older man, family of mine even, who didn’t know what he was doing anymore. My requests to have things fixed up went unheard, I dealt with random outbursts of aggression and confusion on his part and lots of other not-so-kosher business. When he passed away, his children inherited his properties, with one of his sons managing the place. He was way in over his head, had to deal with my craptastic neighbors who went off on him for no reason, and soon burned out dramatically. He billed us for utility usage that had no basis (we didn’t see an official bill from any of the utility companies, so he made stuff up to cash in big time) and then even stole property of mine because “if we’re not paying for the electricity, you’re not going to have a working security camera!!”. So that was a fun visit to the police station. Our lawyer got involved and then the landlord’s children hired a real estate agency to manage the property for them. Six months later, after being unable to cope with the horror that is this property, the agency told them to go screw themselves and quit. Upon which a new agency was hired last January.

This doesn’t even include all the problems I had financially, my mental health problems, violent drugged up neighbors and so forth. It was a cesspool of terror for me to live in, and because I didn’t have my finances straightened out I couldn’t even move. Now that a court signed over my financial responsibilities to an administrator, he sorted everything out for me and told me I could start looking for a new place.

It’s been a nerve wrecking journey, but I got a call the other week that I’m the first candidate for an apartment I responded to. I got all my paperwork in order, including letters from my lawyer and bank statements, spoke to the person in charge of the lease, and she approved it. She emailed my administrator for final approval which we got as well. That was step 1! Step 2 was getting in touch with the woman currently leasing the apartment for a viewing. Yesterday afternoon my parents went with me and she showed us around.

The place is gorgeous. It’s a spacious two bedroom apartment with an open kitchen, a separate toilet and bathroom, storage closet and a small balcony. I get to buy a dining table, a fridge and the flooring in the toilet and bathroom from the woman, but I have to get everything else myself. It’s typical for apartments here to not have any flooring or appliances, so I have to get that covered.

That’s where I’m in a bit of a pinch. I have some money saved up, but not enough to get a floor. Which is a requirement for these places. 😦 I’m hoping to get some extra cash in this week, but I also started a GoFundMe campaign in case anyone feels generous and wants to help me get to my goal so I can get out of this hellhole.


If you can’t donate, I’d still appreciate having this link shared. 🙂


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