Still around!

I don’t have a lot of time for a full blog post right now, but I promise I’ll sit down and write this week. 🙂 I wanted to let everyone know I’m doing excellent. Since my last post, I’ve finally moved into my new apartment and I’m slowly getting everything sorted out. I missed out on group for a few weeks and today’s my first day going back. (I missed everyone so much!)

My cats settled in super quickly. The first night they were meowing at the front door trying to get out to ‘go home’, the second night they slept peacefully throughout and they haven’t looked back.

My babies having an early evening snooze.

I have internet at my new place which is 1000x better than my old connection. I can finally Skype with everyone again! All in all, I’m super excited to be here. I’ve already found so much more peace and my sleeping schedule is doing so much better than ever before. I can see myself living here for 5-10 years easily. 🙂


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