Happiness comes from rainbows

The last week has been kind of weird. My back and knees have been giving me trouble, probably leftovers from the move catching up with me, so it’s been hard to stick to my chores schedule. I’m forcing myself to keep tidying the floor and doing the dishes so that I don’t fall back into my “I don’t give a shit” pattern from my old apartment, and it’s working out alright! It helps that I have an easy maintenance floor and a bright, light filled kitchen this time around. There’s a lot of sunlight coming into my living room and kitchen almost every morning and afternoon, which is fantastic!

I’ve been making bentos again, twice last week. I’m very proud of my new found sushi making skills. 🙂 The nori has been growing on me and I’m enjoying the texture and flavor now, rather than putting up with it like I did before. (Sometimes loving new foods is a matter of pushing yourself through the “I don’t like it” phase and sticking with it.) I still don’t flavor the rice like you’re supposed to with sushi, in part because every time I’ve had properly made sushi it just tastes too sweet for me. I only season it with a little bit of salt before using it in the roll, but I do enjoy it that way. I’m the one who has to eat it, so I’m ready to commit food preparation sins to accommodate my taste buds.

I’ve found out that I’m not huge on fish in my sushi or onigiri, so I’m sticking to vegetables and chicken. I tried smoked mackerel in a rice ball and it just wasn’t for me. Maybe in a few years that will change!



I never made sushi before this. It was very interesting to do and I’m extremely proud of how it turned out. 🙂 The other box is salad, chicken breast and a boiled egg with some dipping sauce.

As a surprise, I got a gift from a friend at group yesterday! She felt bad about forgetting to congratulate me on my birthday and showed up with 5 pairs of beautiful bamboo chopsticks.

2016-04-08 (1)

I was just thinking earlier this week that I had to replace the wooden pair in my drawer. They got warped from soaking in dish water for too long by accident and are almost unusable now. Not only are these new pairs gorgeous, they’re also useful! Yay!

As far as knitting goes, I finally got around to untangling and winding a hank of hand dyed yarn that I got from a friend ages ago. I was supposed to knit a pair of socks for a friend of my friend’s, but said friend never got around to sending me her measurements so I never could get started. After my move I asked my friend what I should do with the yarn. She’s allergic to wool so sending it back to her wasn’t an option, so she told me to make something nice with it for whomever.

Being a greedy individual with a strong affinity for rainbows, I decided to knit myself a pair of socks.


LOOK AT THESE GORGEOUS COLORS. AREN’T THEY AMAZING? DOESN’T THIS MAKE YOUR HEART BEAT FASTER, YOUR BELLY FLUTTER AND THE ANGEL CHOIRS SINGING DOWN UPON YOU? No? I feel sorry for you. I’ve no idea where this yarn is from. I’ll have to ask my friend and see if she can remember it at all, it’s been like… 2 years by now.

The front of the socks have a lacy pattern from my new stitch bible, called the “Lacy v-stitch”. It doesn’t really show up that well in this yarn, and there’s not enough sock to fully wear it yet. I’m hoping that it’ll show up better after a wash and wear, but my gut is telling me that the variegated coloring is not working out well on this lace stitch.

HOWEVER, I do enjoy knitting it (stockinette was really starting to bore me to death) so I’m going to stick with it. Once I hit the heel and knit an inch of stockinette above the heel, I’m going to move the lace pattern all around the leg of the sock before doing a 2×2 rib and casting off.

I got my adorable stitch markers from Etsy!


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