FO and WIP Saturday

Because I’ve been busy! Let me start off strong by showing my finished socks.

I really, really love how they turned out. The pattern was really just a lacy-v stitch repeated three times over the front, and past the heel also three times across the back. I had 3 stitches too many to make it a nice ‘all the way around’ pattern (66 sts for a multiple of 9 pattern) so there’s a plain stockinette stitch area of 6 sts on either side between the sections. The only downside to this pair is that the yarn’s coloration is very busy and doesn’t show the lace too well, but I can live with that!

If you’re interested in the pattern for these socks, let me know. 🙂 They’re toe-up socks, and can be knit TAAT or single.

Before I get going with my WIP, let me share some very exciting news with you: I’m going on vacation! My daytime activities group organized a 5 day getaway at a beach resort in Zeeland (province of the Netherlands) that up to 7 people could go to, counselor included. It cost €100, but it includes… well, everything. Three meals a day, the rent of the large family sized vacation home, activities in the resort and the drive to and back. The house also has all sorts of facilities, like a coffeemaker, washer and wifi. 🙂 We’ll be doing whatever we feel like, which is super nice because I don’t like the pressure of sticking to a strict schedule of activities. I get along great with all the women who are joining the vacation so I expect nothing but oodles of fun.

My WIP is a cardigan made with discontinued yarn from Phildar, which I’m hoping to have finished and be wearing by the time we leave. (The yarn is a nylon/acrylic/wool/silk blend, very soft and warm without being winter warm – perfect for a summer garment!). It’s a DK weight yarn. My goal deadline is June 4th, so two weeks from now. And it’s going to be an XXL for sure, too. I know some of you are going ‘She’s CRAZY‘ and maybe I am! But I finished a Worsted weight adult mean’s sweater in 18 days on my first sweater ever. I can do this too!


This is what I have done within a single day. I’m about 2 inches away from putting the sleeves on holders and stopping the increases to continue working back and forth. My original ideas didn’t quite work out so well. I couldn’t get my head wrapped around the math involved with starting a lacy pattern on an increase section, so I opted for something different. The main body will be a plain stockinette knit, but the sleeves will be a gorgeous swirling mesh pattern with a fancy edge on the end of the sleeve.

2016-05-21 (1)

To make the cardigan even more interesting, I’ll be using all three colors shown in the photo above, in that order from left to right. Every 25cms (10 inches) I’ll knit a gradient stripe to gradually change the colors. If my math is correct, it will be something similar to this:

  • Knit with MC
  • R1: CC – 1
  • R2-5: MC – 4
  • R6-7: CC – 2
  • R8-10: MC – 3
  • R11-13: CC – 3
  • R14-15: MC – 2
  • R16-19: CC – 4
  • R20: MC – 1
  • Knit with CC

I think this will look much nicer than a harsh, sudden change of color that results in three ‘blocks’ on the cardigan.

Once I finish knitting the body and sleeves, I will pick up stitches all around the sides and neck and knit about 2-4 inches of seed stitch in one of the three colors. It depends on how much I have left, I may have only enough of the pinkish color for the body, but we’ll see about that when we get there. (The yarn is discontinued, so what I have is what I get to work with here.) I’ll knit in 1-3 button holes and find some nice buttons to go with this so I can be comfy and warm on a cool summer’s night.


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