Knitters: take a look at this

2016-05-21Do you remember when, back in November, I posted about Codsworth, my little YarnIt knitting bowl? He’s featured in my cardigan WIP picture from yesterday as well, there on the top right. I have been using this bowl for quite some time since then and it’s become probably the most important knitting accessory I own. I’ve always admired those beautiful, hand crafted clay and wood yarn bowls I see on Etsy, but they weren’t for me. I’m far too mobile with my projects to lug a bowl around with me (not to mention the dangers of breaking one on the go!) and I don’t trust my cats not to knock it over at least once.

The YarnIt has been invaluable in my knitting experience. I used to spend so much time fussing and worrying about my skein or ball or cake rolling off a table, dropping on the floor, falling victim to hidden cat hair nests and more. Ever since I began to use this bowl, my only worry has been winding a new cake and having enough yarn on me to continue knitting wherever I am. No more tangling, no more cries of despair as I watch the yarn roll under a table that stands on a questionable floor at best, just knitting my little heart out. I love that they offer a variety of color combinations and even an optional, adorable and fancy mustache on front!

I love this bowl so much that I put off casting on a new project as long as this bowl is occupied with yarn.

My only issue with the YarnIt has been that it only fits 50g skeins of yarn. I’ve had to wind two cakes from one ball of yarn and use them consecutively because so much of my stash are big skeins like that. Imagine my surprise when I found out they’re making a big version, ‘The Big Sully’, and are trying to get funded!

I’m absolutely THRILLED at the prospect of this upgrade. A bowl that is 2″ larger in diameter, and this time with all sorts of fancy, highly useful upgrades that will make it easier to be on the go with my projects. I’m also devastated that Kickstarter’s only method of pledging is a credit card and they don’t accept PayPal. (Dutch debit cards don’t function as ‘credit cards’ unfortunately, and I don’t do credit cards.) I was fully committed to bust my hiney and give the $70 pledge and have my own Big Sully with loaded base full of accessories later this year.

I will have to keep my fingers crossed and hope Kate Sullivan will be able to get enough pledges by the end of the Kickstarter to make this a reality so I can order one from their website when they go into production. In the meantime, I hope other knitters will consider funding this brilliant piece of knitting equipment. I’m a very frugal person who carefully considers her purchases, and this product is one I’m willing to throw all my money at because it makes my life so much drastically better.

They’ve raised over 1/3 of their goal so far. Will you contribute and help spread the word?


(No, I’m not paid to rave about this! I’m just extremely excited and want this product to become a reality because I love using its predecessor so much.)


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