Going through the motions

This weekend wasn’t so fun. I’ve been experiencing late-night and early-morning nausea bouts that led to vomiting this morning. I try not to if I can avoid it at all because every heave risks my herniated disc getting worse. (The last time I was down for 2 weeks in bed unable to move, it was the direct result of throwing up actually!) That’s been less fun, and it ate into my knitting time. I think I might be a bit behind schedule on my cardi.

However, I also knit up a pair of knitted knockers for a neighbor of a friend from group. She had a mastectomy a couple of weeks ago and can’t tolerate the silicone prostheses. I started on them yesterday evening and finished them this morning.

2016-05-30 (1)

I rode my bicycle through the rain to the dollar store for a card and a cute gift bag to make it nicer. 🙂 The knockers are ‘overstuffed’, but the recipient can take out some of the filling from the back to get the knockers to her liking. (If you’re interested or know someone who might be interested in a pair, I knit these for free. You can get in touch with me directly or request a pair from KnittedKnockers.org)

2016-05-30 (2)

I’m super close to the last color change in the cardigan now. I think there’s only 2 or 3 centimeters left before I repeat the striping gradient with an orange color. It’s taking a lot less yarn than I thought, so I’ll probably have enough yarn of any of the three colors for a nice band all around! I’m considering making the cardigan buttonless the longer I work on it.

What’s on your needles?


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