Beach knits and commissions

I’m super stoked to say that I’m leaving for my vacation tomorrow! Most of my luggage is already packed except for the necessities that I will need until the morning. I haven’t been able to finish my cardigan unfortunately. I’m almost done with the length of it, but then I still have sleeves and the all-around border to finish. My back pain has been getting in the way of things and I experienced some emotional turmoil that made me do other things that required more brain power than 6 inches of stockinette stitch.

The good news here is that I will have plenty of knitting to take with me! The cardigan is coming with me, and so will a pair of socks I’m knitting for someone who won my giveaway on the RP Repository. Hurray! If we end up with rainy days or just chill out during the evenings, my hands will stay plenty busy.

I’m also somewhat excited to say I’m opening up knitting commissions at this time! I’ve linked to the page at the top of my blog, but you can also click here to visit it.

I’ll be up front and say I was thorough on the terms and spent a long time debating the prices. I did a lot of research and found that lots of knitters deal with people who flake out on payments, who get unreasonably demanding (sometimes even abusive) and who end up with a lot of work and time wasted in the long haul. I do not want to put myself through that, and wrote down my terms clearly to protect everyone involved. With everything clearly laid out, I want to be transparent about my process so everyone knows what to expect and how to deal with certain issues that might arise.

Finding prices for my items was also really difficult. Everyone uses different guidelines for their prices and I realized that it has to come down to what it is worth to me. Do I want to put 40+ hours into a garment for $50? Will I be able to stay motivated and deliver good quality knits for this reward? Am I being fair to myself, my skills and the time I put into learning the trade? I created my price list based on my answers to these questions, and while some people may find it expensive, I’m okay with that. Hand knit items aren’t for everyone, and nobody has to buy anything from me (although I would love it if they did!). If someone does want to buy a hand knit item from me, I want to make sure I’m getting compensated fairly. I may not be the best designer or knitter in the world, but I know I am skilled and capable — that is worth a fair price to me!

I’ll have to see how and where this goes. After I get back from my vacation next weekend, I will plug my commissions on social media and wherever else I may get some more exposure.

And who knows, I might blog a time or two while I’m lounging on the beach this coming week. 😀


2 thoughts on “Beach knits and commissions

  1. Good luck with your commissions! You might consider having people pay up front for materials. That way, if they do flake and don’t pay for the FO, at least your expenses are covered!

    • Thank you! That’s exactly what I will be doing. 🙂 The client gets to pick the yarn and pay for it, then before I get started I want a 50% deposit of whatever I charge for their project. Then when the item is complete, the remaining 50% + shipping needs to be paid before I ship. If they flake out after I already finished a quarter of the project (or more) it’s all mine to keep and I’ll resell the garment for the remaining 50% I missed out on after completion.

      I feel anyone who’s serious about commissioning me will not mind this approach. If I can’t finish it they’ll get a full refund, but it will take a flood or my house burning down to prevent me finishing a knitting project lol.

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