Knitted breast prostheses for the transgender/non-binary community

Most of you are aware that I knit knockers for women who had mastectomies in their fight against breast cancer. This is a charity that I happily contribute to without charging a single penny for my time and work. I can’t even get close to imagining what someone goes through; you end up with a disease that is 100% guaranteed to kill you unless you drop everything in your life right there and then, go through expensive chemo, radiation and even the removal of an important part of yourself, leaving you (tens of) thousands of dollars in debt and often without a job to go back to. Then aftercare includes either plastic surgery, or expensive silicone breast prostheses that require expensive specialized bras, which your insurance may or may not cover, and which may or may not be wearable because your skin and scarring can be too sensitive to tolerate it all.

If I can offer relief to someone by providing them with a free single or pair of knitted knockers that they can wear in whatever bra they like, even in a swimsuit, I’m all for it!

Ever since I began knitting them, I also played with the idea of knitting these for the trans/non-binary community. There are lots of people who are unable to afford hormone treatment, or who are still in early phases of treatment, or who don’t seek hormone therapy and/or are fluid and express it whenever feels natural to them. Whatever reason they may have to seek fillings for their bras, I’ve been wanting to help them out as well.

I want to knit for free for everyone, but being on a very limited income myself, this is not a realistic goal for me. So I made the choice to keep knitting them for free for cancer survivors with my small craft budget (who may optionally donate to help me continue knitting and shipping), and I will knit them for anyone else but charge for the materials and shipping. This could be anywhere between $5-$25 per pair, depending on size and shipping destination (about $2 for materials, the rest will just be shipping). To clarify, I will not profit off of this. It will just enable me to send them out and keep purchasing materials so I can keep this going. Most alternatives of this nature range from $40 and upwards, so I believe this is still a very affordable option for most people.

It also just so happens I have a wonderful friend who is willing to dedicate a part of their paycheck to a pair of knockers for the community! Even better, two of their friends stepped forward and decided to contribute as well! There are THREE pairs of knockers up for grabs for those who are in need!!

Read how to enter this giveaway here.

There are some rules, but nothing out of the ordinary. We actually encourage people to nominate someone other than themselves to give those without a voice a chance at a better quality of life as well. 🙂

So if you know of anyone who might benefit from this, please reblog this post or link to the Tumblr post directly!


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