The mystery of the missing stitch

I’ve been working on my two projects, the cabled socks and my summer cardigan with moderate success!

I did mess up on the socks and am looking at a tough decision to make. I made a mistake counting the rows in the pattern and got confused, tinked back (only to find out I was on the right track after all)… and mysteriously lost a stitch. It didn’t drop because there’s no unraveling ladder, and it doesn’t look like I k2tog at any point either. I’ve been fidgeting, staring, moving stitches back and forth and generally grunting in anger at it for the past two days. I know for sure that the stitch count was correct before I tinked because I double checked the numbers before I undid my work.

Just… Poof. Gone. And as cables are still new to me and I haven’t had enough practice to be able to read cabled stitches well enough when trying to fix mistakes, I’m not seeing any way to fix this that will go unnoticed. It’s guaranteed to show if I bulldoze through and make a new stitch where the one is missing.

Now I put a lifeline just past the toes before beginning the pattern, so it can be as easy as ripping back and starting over. I wasn’t too happy with the decorative siding I chose either, so this could be a chance to fix that up as well. If the yarn was heavier than sock weight, I might have been able to fix it, but I’m not confident that I can do it with dark, fuzzy, wooly sock yarn this time. Sigh.

lhL4LIRThat leads me to my bigger success story: my summer cardigan! I’m getting closer, even if it’s at a snail pace. That vacation really took the wind out of my sails on this one, but I’m finishing up the hemming of the body right now with a double moss stitch. (R1-2: k1, p1* — R3-4: p1, k1* *repeat to end of row) I’m planning on doing the hemming all around the sides and neck in a double moss stitch as well in the same orange color as the bottom.

But first I have to do the sleeves. I’m still debating on how to make them look nice and decorative without being too warm. I have some ideas for a nice, horizontal pattern, followed by a diagonal openwork, but it all depends on how many stitches I end up with when picking up the sleeves. That’s the only downside to knitting with measurements versus # of stitches, you design as you go along and have to ditch your original ideas a lot!


I hope to bind the bottom hem off tonight and get started on the first sleeve tomorrow!

Are you having any problems with your projects right now?


2 thoughts on “The mystery of the missing stitch

  1. Ooh, don’t you hate when that happens? Nothing is more frustrating than counting your stitches only to find you have one too many or one too few.
    I’m having that problem right now with a shawl I’m knitting. This is my first time knitting a shawl, and I was speeding along just fine until I reached the end of my repeat and realized there was a mysterious extra stitch. My OCD wouldn’t let me just continue with the extra stitch just in case it showed somehow so I’m unknitting one row at a time in an effort to find the extra stitch and eliminate it.

    • Oh man, is it a triangular shawl? I hate making mistakes on those!

      I generally try to assess if making a stitch or k2tog can fix it. Often times a lot of patterns don’t show that kind of thing (I do it all the timr when I knit the toes on my socks, you can never tell afterwards).

      Lacy patterns and cables are much more complicated in that regard though!

      Wishing you the best of luck and patience with the tinking! 🙂

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