Well that was exciting

The hype is real. I’ve been stuck in a bad panic attack loop for over a week now. Many factors contribute: it’s hot as balls, I’m menstruating, my life changed overnight because I started insulin.

All these things combined more or less got me so tense and nervous that my body acted up terribly. Shortness of breath, pain on the chest, dizziness, fear of dying. All very fun.

I think the newness of taking insulin and the rising nervosity towards each shot really set my attacks off too. The closer 8pm got, the more I hated waiting. I just wanted to get it over with! It’s the waiting that I hate so much.

I’m on day 3 of my shots and I have to say they’re incredibly uneventful and boring. (Thank god for my adorable insulin pen case to make it somewhat interesting!) I don’t feel the needle at all, and I make sure to inject one unit at a time as I press the button until I hit 0. I haven’t bruised yet nor do I feel any pain. No burning sensations either. I’m slowly rotating around my bellybutton so I expect no soreness from injection sites as they have time to heal.

My glucose values are killer too! I’m logging a full curve tomorrow and Wednesday, but I have a feeling they will be excellent. So far all my tests have been within my acceptable range even. šŸ™‚ I’m noticing the importance of proper snacks between meals though. I was declining towards a hypo yesterday around 4pm after last eating around 11:30am. It used to not be an issue, but I dropped to 4.6 and got shaky, sweaty and felt bad overall. (Seems my hypo range is a little higher than the usual 3.9) I had one slice of bread with some sweet topping and by dinner time I was absolutely fine.

So I got this injecting thing down and I think I’ll be fine on my current meds for a while. We’ll see! The weather is hot and it is notorious for making my bg low, and so is my menstruation. I might see a change when the weather cools down and I’m 2 weeks down the road.

One thing I DO know is that despite my panic attacks, I do feel much better. I’m more alert and less tired as early as the first morning after my first shot. Two thumbs up!


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