Don’t forget yourself – you matter too!

This post is a response to the daily prompt, “Praise”.

I’m not always sure what praise is. Often times, I don’t know when to give it. I’m the kind of person who thinks a lot of nice thoughts but never really voices them. I’ve been more aware of this and make a genuine effort to compliment someone on whatever I see, whether it’s a nice outfit, a nice painting, a good idea or whatever else I can think of. I’m making progress!

But what about myself? When do I stop and praise my own appearance? When do I compliment myself on a job well done? I’m so used to dismissing myself as anyone important in my life that I don’t really bother to acknowledge all the good I do.

I think this is true for a lot of people. We just do the things we do without a second thought most of the time, admiring the people around us and letting them know how amazing they really are. That isn’t very fair to ourselves though.

Today, I did laundry. Good job me! Sure, it’s part of the routine; it has to get done, not doing it isn’t really an option. Does that make it less praise worthy? With my busted back and chronic pain, sometimes laundry is a genuine victory.  Just because it’s a normal thing other people do without a second thought, doesn’t mean it’s not something I can pat myself on the back for. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of myself and giving myself a thumbs up.

When was the last time you praised yourself?


One thought on “Don’t forget yourself – you matter too!

  1. I agree. Many things others take for granted require some creativity for some of us 🙂 Laundry too is one of those things for me.

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