via Daily Prompt: Maybe

I’m absolutely exhausted and don’t know why I’m still up and writing this post. The word ‘maybe’ has been rolling around in my head all day long ever since I saw the prompt, and I find I can relate to it well. Maybe too well.

‘Maybe’ is a powerful word. It can open as many doors as it closes. It can make the difference between feeling grounded in the world or feeling like the world is spinning out of control.

‘Maybe’ is a tool that has great purpose in the hands of a curious, determined and strong willed mind. It challenges to think outside of the box and explore where no-one has gone before. It has been the sole reason for many great inventions and medical progress, because someone, one day, thought to themselves ‘Maybe this could work’, and they believed it was worth trying.

‘Maybe’ is the reason many people never take action. It reminds us of the possibility that an idea might not work. It tricks us into thinking that the odds are against us, when that might not be true at all. At the root of uncertainty lies this word, which echoes through our minds when we need to hear it the least.

Maybe the word ‘maybe’ is just an accurate reflection of what life is all about. Potential, risk, uncertainty, the thrill of the unknown, the fear of the unknown, and everything else that keeps our daily existence from becoming a static predictability. The good and the bad. Light and dark. Maybe it’s all just a matter of perspective.


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