It’s hypo season!

Goodness body, what are you doing?

I was one hour late with dinner yesterday. Just one lousy hour. I made some oven fries with a Dutch snack because that’s what I do on Thursdays. Small portions, nothing crazy. Fifteen minutes after I eat and want to grab a glass of water, my heart started beating fast, I started to feel warm and got sweaty, and generally felt unwell. “It can’t be!” I thought to myself, whipping out my glucometer and going stabby stabby on my fingertip. But it was so. 3.6mmol/L and the knowledge that my dinner, despite being oven cooked, was greasy and would need about 2-3 hours to really have any effect, I shoved a ‘hagelslag’ sandwich down my gullet. (It’s a special kind of chocolate sprinkle for bread, made by the Dutch.)

It took a long time before my symptoms settled down, but knowing I had more than enough carbs in my system to even this out it was a matter of time, not panic. I checked myself regularly and didn’t peak past 9.0, which was a little weird to me as I expected it to be higher.

This morning rolled around, I had a peanutbutter sandwich, got a call from my doctor. She noted down my day curves which were excellent except for some of the post meal peaks. I’m going to increase my gliclazide dosage around dinner time for moments where I test too high or start with a high value to help increase my body’s own insulin production, and we’ll see how that works out in the next 3 weeks. If it helps, great! If not, we’ll start boluses.

Then I went to group and had lunch there. I felt unusually ravenous and had 3-4 crackers with cheese, a slice of whole wheat toast with gouda and salami, and another hageslag sandwich. I tested 2 hours after and was perfectly okay at 9.6. Just a smidgen high, but not high enough to fuss about. I still had to bike home after all.

That’s what I did, stopping by at the grocery store on my way home. I’m having Turkish pizza wraps today, which are about half the carbs of a normal pizza and five times more raw, fresh veggies (or as much as you can force onto it without everything falling out). Yummy! Biked home, stored my bike in my basement storage unit, walked up to the 3rd floor to my apartment, then repeated this journey as I forgot one of my bags in the basement, and I sat down at my desk… with another bloody hypo.

I didn’t even notice I had dropped to 3.1. This is why I’m so worried about biking sometimes. I can’t tell when it’s happening until it’s almost too late and I get dizzy and lose control over my body. I shoved a whole KitKat and a cheese bun down my gullet, and barely got high enough to notice a difference. Almost an hour later it was only up to 4.8, which was 30 minutes ago, so I had another bun. I’m desperate here!

While this will probably be good for my A1C results in October…. I’d rather not go this low all the time. I don’t know what’s causing this. I’m eating well, my exercise is unchanged from the past 3 weeks, so what gives body? What’s this mucking about and screwing with my values, making me eat foods I’ve been working hard on cutting down on?

I’m going to have another late dinner tonight at 8pm because of how much food I’ve had just to fix this damn low, which hardly counts as a nutritious dinner. These are the kind of days that can make you desperate and frustrated with this illness, but you know what? I’m in control, even if that is limited to fixing a drop. I’m managing this. I’m doing fantastic. Thumbs up to me!


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