Reach Out – Every Day

via Daily Prompt: Reach

I don’t get to socialize much outside of the house. That’s fine, right now. My social anxiety makes it really hard to do anything other than some simple “Yes, no, thank you”s to the cashiers. I suck at chitchat, it’s not my thing, I am too caught up in my own world inside my head to focus on more than the bare necessities to get through the crowds.

But I make it a goal to reach out to someone in some fashion, at least once a day. It can be anywhere – in real life, online, over the phone, whatever medium of communication is available to you. I believe one person can make a difference.

Stop when you see someone standing by the side of the road looking unwell and ask if they need help. Offer the delivery man with your package a bottle of cold water on a hot day. Leave a positive comment on someone’s blog. Tell a stranger on Facebook you admire their views and wish them a good day filled with good things. Let the struggling teen whose parents are in a divorce know they’re no alone and that they can reach out to you if they need someone.

Reach for your biggest potential as a human being: to be kind, to be compassionate, to be understanding, to be forgiving and to be generous and selfless.

You might not be able to fix the world with it, but if you can make one person’s world a little brighter, isn’t that worth something?


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