When you can’t find one that fits, make your own

After checking out one logging sheet and book after the other, I finally came to the conclusion there is nothing out there suitable for what I want.

I need a flexible sheet that I can edit with more or less entries, add new columns to when the time calls for it, make easy to read graphs with, and all without the fuss of having to lug through a ridiculously stuffed sheet or an app with a nightmarish UI that makes my head spin. Simple, clean and flexible is what I want, but often struggle to get.

No more! After spending most of my Saturday morning playing around and making something useful, I present my personalized Food & Glucose Sheet.

The “Food” and “Notes” columns expand and wrap text so you can write as much as you like without messing anything up. As I only take insulin once a day, I feel comfortable using the notes section to log it and my oral meds, but if I switch to bolus I can easily add a new column to track my insulin usage there. (You could too if you want this sheet.) New rows can be added freely, even between existing entries, without disrupting any of the data (as long as the time stamps make sense of course). If you log a hyper (10+ mmol/L) or a hypo (-4mmol/L), the entries will be color coded for easy spotting when reviewing later on.

You can edit your hyper/hypo ranges in the Conditional Formatting for the Glucose columns if your targets differ.

The tables will automatically show your total carb consumption for the day as well as the average of your glucose readings. There is room to log your weight every day as well. The graphs are optional but can be copied and modified next to a new day table. While this sheet is not composed of minimalist data, it can be printed quite nicely if the graphs are copied at the same size for each day. I recommend these settings to save as PDF and to then print the PDF (or email it to your healthcare team, save some trees!):

exporttopdfThe sheet is versatile. Values don’t get messed up if you don’t use a column for the day. Some days I will use this only to track my diet, other days I will track everything.

Some basic knowledge of Excel / Google Sheets is required if you want to make edits. This is not a one size fits all and it’s not really meant to be. Adding rows in the middle of a day is sometimes necessary. Some days you might test 10 times and need to record every step. This sheet will accommodate you plenty if you know how to use the basic functions. Graphs are a good visual tool, but you need to know how to select the ranges (time + glucose) to make it work. The sheet is optimized for mmol/L but you can easily change it to mg/dl through some basic editing.

If you grabbed your own copy and need some help, let me know! If it’s not too much work I will happily help you make some changes. 🙂

Did you find this useful? What’s your favorite way to track your dietary intake and glucose values?


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