Considering the switch

For the past week or so I’ve been thinking a lot about LADA and its treatment. I touched base with others who share my diagnosis and one thing I heard a couple of times was “I recommend you get off the gliclazide and to start bolusing”.

The more I think about it, the more I feel like this is something I want to try. Gliclazide is a good drug that helps my pancreas produce more insulin. Taking it with carb heavy meals does help to keep tighter control. It also results in hypo sensitivity during exercise because there is no ‘dosage button’ for my organs. I can’t predict what it will do. On low activity days the gliclazide is not always enough.

I am eating to cover my insulin on exercise heavy days and other LADAs have reported that their control is better off the gliclazide and on bolus. Eating to cover insulin is not what a diabetic should do, and it’s a path that’s keeping my obesity going and growing. Injecting less insulin will remove the hypos during high activity days.

At least that’s what I’m hoping. Two more weeks until my doctor is back from her vacation and we can discuss it.


5 thoughts on “Considering the switch

  1. It’s good to see that whilst you are looking at alternative treatment you are being sensible and will discuss it with your doctor.

    I know plenty of people who don’t/won’t which in my opinion is crazy but with some people, you just can’t tell them.

    • Tell me about it!

      There’s a woman in my group, she is 52 years old but doesn’t look a day over 40. She’s also type 1 diabetic but she doesn’t do anything to manage it. Her bloodsugars are almost constantly over 33mmol/L so her glucometer only says ‘HI’ every time she tests. Who knows how high her glucose levels really are! She’s upset that using insulin makes her gain weight and circumference, but she doesn’t really follow any kind of dietary restrictions to manage her levels.She’s been riding high for so long that when she manages to get down to 12, she feels super sick and has hypo symptoms.

      It baffles and scares me. I’m stunned she hasn’t had any complications so far, but with her age and management I am fully prepared to be told ” is in the hospital, she won’t be coming this week” every time I go to group.

      I know what it’s like to have a broken body and not being able to take care of myself. It sucks really badly and I want to do everything I can to avoid that from happening as much as I can. While doctors don’t know everything, I do believe that with my combined research and my doctor’s experience with LADA, we can find something that works for me. The gliclazide is just giving me very irregular results and I’m gaining weight, not losing, which is going to cause issues in a few years if not sooner, so I’m willing to give alternate ideas a try for sure.

  2. I hope your discussion with your doctor on this goes well. Given that you have had to feed your insulin on high activity days, I think it may benefit you to bolus instead as others have mentioned. That way you can adjust your dosages and won’t be forced to eat more to avoid dropping too low. Best of luck with your decision. I know you’ll do great with bolusing. 🙂

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