Winding down

It’s around 10:30pm and I’m in bed winding down and resting my back. Today was a very active day. As usual I biked to group, spent 3 hours there and rode back home. Except I didn’t stop at home, I kept on going to the drugstore in Germany.

As it’s 28C out today,and we’re having a heatwave over the next couple of days, I got some ice cream. I biked back (while eating the ice cream like a pro), stopped by the supermarket for groceries and finally went home.

All in all it was a 1 hour ride.

This route is thankfully rather flat but still worth 500 calories. Woop woop!

Earlier tonight I went out to play Pokemon GO! as well. Wifi hotspots are very frequent in my area so I was able to play with almost no interruptions. Caught about 7 Pokemon in 20 minutes time. My leg hurt too much, otherwise I would have walked around a lot more.

A bit worrisome is the blind spot in my vision today. It’s just a small one, but very noticeable all the same time. I worry this might be a symptom of retinopathy and that it makes my anxiety act up horribly. I will see how it is tomorrow and call the doctor for an appointment if necessary. I’m due for an eye checkup in October as it is.


3 thoughts on “Winding down

  1. Nice one and congrats on the hour. Do you know how many km’s you did? I still can’t get over the….oh I fancy riding to Germany today kind of attitude hehe

    I did an hour on my bike last night but the strava app decided to stop recording the data half way in so i lost everything. I guessed maybe I did about 15.5 – 16 km

    You will now be out more often than not hunting them pokemons so it’s been nice reading your blog and it’s been a pleasure to chat with you (see what I’m doing there) and as for the eyes, yes please keep an eye on that (did I really say that). As you know I’m waiting on my results for my retinopathy but I’m sure you’ll be fine. It seems like you did a lot yesterday so maybe you were just a bit over tired maybe? Don’t wait, get in to see that doctor if you are unsure.

    Good luck!

    • No idea on the kms, my app didn’t track that, I could probably calculate it on Google Maps but I don’t really care that much personally. The time and calories are more important for me!

      Lol I’m not physically as capable of walking as I am of biking, though once I get a phoneholder for my bike I’ll probably just bike around at a very slow speed a lot. 😀 But then I can also blog from the bike! You’re not getting rid of me that easily.

      As for the eye, after a bit of (very restless and anxiety ridden) sleep, the spot is still there. It’s like the kind of spot you get when you looked into the light for too long, except it doesn’t go away. I’m a little less worried now although it still needs attention, but of course this happens right as we’ve in the middle of a heatwave and biking to the doctor’s isn’t really that safe and option for me during this heat. :/ It’s not gotten worse so I’ll hold off and see if it goes away in a few days. Last year my eye exam came back with a very teensy tiny blood vessel issue so small that the technician said he probably wouldn’t have found it if I had come in a week later, but it was cause to get annual checkups rather than bi-annual ones that are the norm here. If it’s not gotten better by the end of the day I’ll see if I can schedule something for Friday morning.

      • Your retinopathy are bi-annual? Over here in the UK its standard for annual checks.

        You know what you’re doing so I don’t need to tell you but hoping it resolves itself quick..if not then yeah get it sorted 😉

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