An eye for an eye

My doctor saw me 20 minutes later than I had scheduled (and I should have been the third one that day, too!) but he took down all the info I had to give on my vision problem. He referred me to an eye doctor on the short term as the issue was to specific for him consult on.

Within two hours I got a call from the assistant letting me know the appointment had been made for 3:10pm. Awesome. This doctor is located in the hospital only a 12 minute ride away. I got there with time to spare and got into a preliminary test where all my info was taken down. I realized I’m overdue for new glasses (sadly not affordable at this time) and was given unpleasant eye drops that dilated my pupils.

It was a weird experience. I was directed to another waiting room where the doctor finally saw me. She blinded me with a light while she peered into my eyeballs quite literally. If I don’t go blind from diabetes, that will do the trick!

She explained to me that she saw a tiny burst blood vessel in my right eye, the same kind that the technician found last year. Nothing to worry over though! She couldn’t explain the spot I saw as it was on the wrong side of my vision for it to be caused by the burst vessel.

I’m scheduled for a retina scan end of September to dive deeper. As long the spot doesn’t get bigger, I have nothing to worry about for the time being. šŸ™‚


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