Riding and riding some more

I’ve been quiet on my blog lately. There are a lot of things I have to focus on at this time, and I’m struggling to get appointments made with my healthcare team to adjust my diabetes treatment. Overall nothing has really progressed or changed, hence the lack of posts.

On the upside, I’ve had medical cost compensation come in this week. The last time I got glasses was 5 years ago, so I thought it would be time to get a new pair.

I found an optician who had an amazing deal: get a frame and glasses for €79, get a second complete set for free. Throwing in some AR coating for both and I ended up with €139 for two complete glasses. My eyesight hasn’t gone down much at all. I went from -1 on both eyes to -1.25 on both eyes and -0.50 cylinder of the right eye.

I had to ride my bike to and back. To was mostly downhill, but due to construction work that also meant back was mostly uphill. I said “Fuck that” and took a nice little detour through Germany that only had one steep hill that I walked in under 2 minutes. Much better than the other route for sure. I enjoyed taking in the new sceneries I had never seen before for sure.

In total I clocked in at 2 hours exercise today, including walking. Below are only the bike logs.

What have you done for exercise recently?


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