I guess it was bound to happen.

I woke up soaked in sweat this morning. This is after tossing and turning in bed for 5 hours before finally falling asleep. My fasting value was 9.6mmol/L. Figured I’d slept through a hypo, had my 25g carb breakfast and bolused with the correction. Went to the store and then to group, tested an hour later, and then this beauty happened.

I recently installed the app mySugr and it has a bolus calculator built in (Europeans only). It’s a LIFESAVER. I love it!

Let’s see if I can whip my sugars into submission today.


2 thoughts on “I guess it was bound to happen.

  1. For me, I find have to be very careful with exercise. Sometimes it shoots me high and other times I tank. Even a short walk that can make my bg go down one day will make my bg go up the next. Makes me nervous to exercise sometimes. Hope your blood glucose levels are doing better now. Sounds like a rough day.

    • I notice dawn phenomenon very clearly, so exercise does raise me quite a bit in the morning. The rest of the day exercise consistently lowers me though!

      I honestly think this was a combination of dawn phenomenon, insomnia and the aftermath of a nypo. I can’t even remember the last time I clocked in over 13, must have been early diagnosis two+ years ago! I managed to correct it throughout the day and did relatively well. 🙂

      Insomnia is still kicking my ass but once that’s over I expect to be doing even better.

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