From time to time I will be taking commissions for hand knit items. You can check my availability here and consult my terms and price list. If you have any questions or want to ask about an item not listed here, feel free to send me a message through the form on this page. 🙂

My commissions are currently: Closed!
I have no slot available for commissioning.

Other information:

Commission Prices

All prices listed are excluding materials and shipping, which will vary per project.

I accept Paypal only in Euros. (PayPal will take care of currency conversions for you if you send payment in Euros, even if your country works with a difference currency.) Check currency conversion here!


  • Sweaters/vests: €150
  • Ponchos: €75
  • Hats: €30
  • Pair of socks: €35
  • Mittens: €35
  • Scarves: €30
  • Shawls (triangular): €50

Children’s garments are 50% off the Adults/Teens prices.


  • Sweaters/vests/ponchos: €20/€30
  • Hat and socks combo: €10/€20


  • Breast prostheses for transgenders: total of materials and shipping costs (estimated anywhere between €5-€25)
    While these are free for breast cancer survivors, I’d like to extend this offer to transgenders, non-binaries, gender fluids and anyone else who isn’t a cancer survivor but still in need of comfortable breast prostheses. To keep this charity sustainable, I will only charge for materials and shipping for anyone who hasn’t gone through breast cancer. The price will depend entirely on the cup size, shipping method and destination, so please inquire for an estimate.

Shipping prices

The price of shipping is determined by the size and weight of the item + your chosen shipping method. Please be advised that an adult sweater will not be shipped by snail mail due to size restrictions, but smaller items such as socks and mittens are no problem. Multiple items can be combined and will be calculated based on weight.
(Last updated on: June 4th 2016)

Request a Commission

If you’re interested in commissioning me or have questions related to a commission, please fill out the form below. For questions not related to knitting commissions, please use this form instead.

It really helps me to give you a clear indication if you can provide me with as much detail as possible.