Commission Terms

This is the (very boring) legal part of the commission. Please don’t be scared off by the formality! I believe that when money transactions are involved, it’s very important to have these matters laid out crystal clear for both parties. I do not want either one of us to be unhappy due to miscommunications. Please read them carefully. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer!

  1. Commission prices are broken down into three sections and are calculated individually; materials, shipping and project price.
  2. The client (you) is responsible for providing me with complete and accurate information, including but not limited to measurements and approval of patterns and all materials. I am not responsible for projects that don’t fit or look wrong because of inaccurate information provided to me.
  3. The client will select their choice of materials (including but not limited to yarn, patterns, buttons etc.) and pay me for these materials before I start the commission. When I am ready to begin the project, the client pays a 50% deposit of the agreed upon project price.
    1. If the client changes their mind and at least 25% of the project is completed, the deposit and materials are nonrefundable.
    2. If the client cancels the commission before 25% of the project is completed, and the materials are refundable to the seller, the client will cover any necessary return shipping fees for the materials and receive a full refund for the materials and the deposit fee.
    3. If the client cancels the commission before 25% of the project is completed, and the materials are non-refundable to the seller, or the client refuses to cover shipping fees to return the materials to the seller, the client either a) covers the shipping fees to have the materials sent to their address of choice or b) forfeits their claim to the materials and surrenders them to me without a refund, and will only be refunded the 50% deposit in either case.
    4. Should I be unable to complete the commission for reasons other than item 3 section ‘e’ of these terms, either by manually cancelling with the client, or after at least 6 weeks have passed the estimated completion date of the project, the client will receive a full refund for both the materials and the deposit unless otherwise agreed upon.
    5. If the client refuses cooperation by swearing at me, threatening me or providing a hostile experience in any other way, I reserve the right to cancel the commission without a refund of the materials and project price. (I am a very nice and understanding person, please remain civil and calm with me and this should be no problem!)
  4. The client will pay the remaining 50% of the agreed upon project price and the calculated shipping costs upon completion of the project.
  5. By making their first payment for the materials, the client agrees they understand and agree to all the terms in this document.