Warm and cozy

Wow, No updates for a couple of days, but it feels like an eternity!

My knitting projects have been on temporary hold for the time being. I think I got a little too enthusiastic about it and burned myself out. They’re silently judging me right above my keyboard all day long, but I continue waiting for my inspiration to return.

Granted I got some less appealing news this week and have been consistently tired no matter how much I sleep. And boy do I sleep poorly. I notice a solid pattern in one week being pretty awesome, and the next being utter crap.

On the bright side, as my previous exhilarating post suggested, my boyfriend finally got his care package! We talked on Skype and he unpacked it right in front of the webcam. Christmas came early for him this year. He instantly put on the socks (they’re a perfect fit by the way, our feet are exactly the same and it makes knitting socks so much easier) as well as the scarf.

There were some personal gifts in the box too, besides the knitted stuff and the candy. He loved everything in it except for the licorice. I kind of expected that to be honest. He told me he didn’t like black licorice, but it’s a pretty traditional Dutch candy and I couldn’t leave it out.

I feel like writing more, but I’m pretty tired. I’m going to try and relax for a while. I might write another post later.


Houston, we have liftoff!


I lined the box with bubble wrap, stuffed the candy and special surprise in there, sprayed the scarf with perfume (as per the boyfriend’s request), wrapped it in a plastic bag so it won’t end up soaking into the candy and put in my letter and another special surprise on top after filling it up with even MORE bubble wrap.

Duct tape went everywhere to ensure it won’t randomly open.

Then it was off to the post office.

I paid a whopping €34.30 for a 3kg package. For the Americans among us, it’s $46.33 and 6.6lbs.

I’m terribly nervous. The package comes standard with a track and trace number, but I’m terrified it will end up lost somehow.

Delivery will be anywhere from 4-6 work days according to the site. Keep in mind that I’m shipping to a US naval base to a ship, so god knows how long it will take after those 4-6 days! I hope soon.

I will keep you posted!

Quest completed – Achievement unlocked!

It has taken me two months to complete this project.

But it is done, and I couldn’t be happier with it!!

It’s one part of my boyfriend’s care package.

Upon inquiring “isn’t it too girly looking?” all he had to say was “no, it’s not girly enough!”

And this is why I love him so!

I’m super pleased. It’s probably a little unconventional because, hey, it’s not really a scarf and it’s not really a blanket, but hovering somewhere in between. That was entirely accidental.

Slow and steady

It always wins the race!

My goal is to finish everything before the 14th, buy all the candy I need and send the care package off to my boyfriend. That leaves about 5 weeks for delivery to the ship overseas. Think that will be enough?

I also don’t know how else to knit a sock on a round knitting loom. I made the foot on the loom (2 rows 24 pins, 13 rows 23 pins, then 23 rows 24 pins) and knitted the cuff separately on one pointed knitting needles so I could get a proper stretchy but dense stitch in it.

If anyone knows another way to knit a sock on a round knitting loom and on single pointed knitting needles, I would GREATLY appreciate the help!