The Friendliest place on the Internet?

I honestly think that would be the RP Repository! You may have stumbled on a link to it around my blog, but today is its 6th birthday celebration and I want to let everyone know about it!

I joined this community a few months short of 6 years ago, and it has literally changed my life for the better. The community is one of the friendliest I have ever come across. The site owner honestly cares about her members and works hard to keep the site in tip-top shape with new features all the time to meet the members’ needs.

I had the pleasure of being a contributing member, and I remain one to this day! If you’re into roleplaying, character creation or similar topics, be sure to check us out!

You’re still in time to come celebrate with us, too. 😉 Everyone is welcome!


RP Repository’s Anniversary

April 24th 2015 is more Epic than ever. The Roleplay Repository is celebrating its fifth anniversary!!

RPR is a site for everyone who enjoys to roleplay, or just needs a repository for character profiles, or just wants to hang out with tons of amazing people. It’s heralded as one of the friendliest and welcoming communities on the internet and it’s no wonder that everyone feels at home right off the bat.

The site is run by the most wonderful Kim, aided by her fantastic moderators who are there in everyone’s time of need. I have a lot of geeky friends who may not be a member yet. Why don’t you come check us out while we celebrate for a whole week, and perhaps you want to stick around? 🙂

Oh shit – Valentine’s Day?!

Well, this one completely slipped my mind. It’s only two weeks until the commercial day of love and there’s no way I can get something to my boyfriend in time. Mail takes at least a month to get to his ship while he’s deployed. Shit.

I’m really bad with holidays like this. They just aren’t that important to me. I take much more pleasure out of giving things throughout the rest of the year for no reason. Call me a hipster, I think it’s a lot more genuine that way. Sure we can celebrate one occasion once a year, but isn’t it the days between those dates that matter the most? August 15th is our anniversary, but I like to think we celebrate our relationship every day no matter what.

Anyway, I’m not too worried. I’ll make this up to him soon. 🙂 I’m itching to knit him a plushie of his favorite character, a pattern that’s been sitting in my library for over half a year now. I wonder if I can throw in a small cowboy hat too, somehow. The pattern doesn’t include it so I’ll go hunting for it soon.

Let’s celebrate!

Do things finally look up?

The boyfriend has a 4 day weekend this week, although he has duty on Saturday – that’s okay though, we still have extra days to spend together.

He’s been recovering from a cold (or maybe the flu?) and is probably going to be better for the holidays. Wednesday he will also get off his shift quite early.

Although I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because I’m Dutch, I’m pretty damn thankful we get to spend some time together after so many days where we couldn’t. He suggested we celebrate it by drinking. He bought some booze today, and because my disability came in I treated myself this month with a bottle of Jägermeister.

We may be half a world apart but that certainly doesn’t stop us from having fun!