Reach Out – Every Day

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I don’t get to socialize much outside of the house. That’s fine, right now. My social anxiety makes it really hard to do anything other than some simple “Yes, no, thank you”s to the cashiers. I suck at chitchat, it’s not my thing, I am too caught up in my own world inside my head to focus on more than the bare necessities to get through the crowds.

But I make it a goal to reach out to someone in some fashion, at least once a day. It can be anywhere – in real life, online, over the phone, whatever medium of communication is available to you. I believe one person can make a difference.

Stop when you see someone standing by the side of the road looking unwell and ask if they need help. Offer the delivery man with your package a bottle of cold water on a hot day. Leave a positive comment on someone’s blog. Tell a stranger on Facebook you admire their views and wish them a good day filled with good things. Let the struggling teen whose parents are in a divorce know they’re no alone and that they can reach out to you if they need someone.

Reach for your biggest potential as a human being: to be kind, to be compassionate, to be understanding, to be forgiving and to be generous and selfless.

You might not be able to fix the world with it, but if you can make one person’s world a little brighter, isn’t that worth something?


A warm thank you to all the craft bloggers out there

Thank you for contributing your magnificent creations to the world.

Thank you for sharing your happy thoughts with us.

Thank you for sharing your frustrations with us.

Thank you for being so kind when helping others out.

Thank you for encouraging other crafters.

Thank you for being so generous with your time and creations.

When I first started blogging about knitting, I had no idea just how much I would find here on WordPress. There are so many lovely knitters and other crafters out there who make my days better by sharing their creations, and so many kind likes and comments on my own that make me warm and fuzzy on the inside.

It’s easy to feel like insignificant sources of noise on the world wide web, but then the connections happen. Wonderful, lasting connections with people from all around the world who each have something unique and delightful to contribute.

Please keep going, keep doing your thing! You’re making a difference in someone’s world.

I’m begging for your help

Please reblog this if at all possible, sharing will be so incredibly helpful to me!


My darling Dette is a very smart and loving cat. Last year she developed a hot spot from a minor scratch. We visited the vet twice, and it almost healed up completely with numbing shots, frequent disinfection and applying special creams until her shots wore off. Then the cycle started all over again. Despite wearing a cone, it was too small and she managed to get around it to lick and bite the spot.

Last week she was given a new and bigger cone to avoid that. Today, I saw she’d been agitating her entire leg with the edge of the cone, which is now coated in both blood and serum.


All of the wetness is serum, excreted through the wound from all the chafing. This is after I cleaned her up. She’s at serious risk of infection due to the large area that’s afflicted. She does not stop agitating it no matter what I do.

While I had a stable income when I adopted her, allowing me to take care of her medical needs (she’s chipped, fixed and vaccinated), I fell ill in 2012 and was put on disability. I love my cats very much and I save up every year to get them their shots despite my limited funds. When money is short for food, their food comes first.

I’m reaching out because I can’t stand to see her suffer like this and I’m at my wit’s end. She’s forced to wear a cone constantly because without she will chew through her skin into her fat and muscle tissue. She’s in constant distress from the itching and aching. A couple of measly shots from the vet stop this and allow her to heal so she can become a normal cat again.

Estimated vet bills are approximately €300. They don’t have payment plans for regular non-emergency visits so I’m forced to wait until I have the money to get her treated.

I have very little to give in return, unfortunately. As a knitter I’m investigating animal charities to see if I can knit for animals in need or knit items to sell for charity to pay your kindness forward.

If you can’t donate, sharing this page would be incredibly helpful. Thank you for your time and please give your pets a big, squishy hug from me!


You are honestly one of my very best friends. I’m so very, very happy that you came into my life. You understand me in amazing ways, and even when you don’t, I never feel judged because you know that I am whatever it is I’m going to be. The care and affection I get from you is astounding. All of your ups and downs and joys and sadnesses are my own as well, because of the thought that you give me as a person. I am fiercely loyal to you.

There have been many moments in my life where I questioned the importance of my existence. I knew I would never be a successful business person, dragging in millions upon millions for a company I don’t care for. In fact, I saw myself as an insignificant human being just working a dead-end job to bring in money to pay the bills, only to live a bleak and meager life. For the longest time I felt like I didn’t matter. Who would miss me if I suddenly get hit by a car and don’t live to tell the tale? Who cares whether I’m happy or devastated, run into the ground? Somehow I had convinced myself that people were nice to me so they could use me for the few skills I had, but beyond that I was unimportant.

I know better now. I know my value in life, to the people who love me and whom I love. However, when I have particularly bad days these thoughts still tend to creep into my head and tear me up inside. My mind convinces me that everyone will get over it if I die.

Today has marked the 4th day since I last heard from my boyfriend and it’s eating at me so badly. I know he’s alright and very busy – I obsessively stalk his ship’s Facebook page to check for any announcements of accidents or attacks. They’re just doing a lot of things, and I know he doesn’t have the time to sit down and say hi. But we’ve been together almost a year now (in 10 days, as a matter of fact) and we’ve never gone more than 2 days without at least emailing each other. It’s so hard. I love him so much that I’m afraid to go to bed because I’m not sure if I can handle another morning waking up to an empty inbox.

Combine these feeling with my depression, anxiety and a crappy internet connection that makes it extremely hard to do my job, my mind wanders very far to places it shouldn’t go. I hate it and try to pull back, but sometimes it doesn’t work.

And then this fell randomly into my lap. I didn’t know how much I needed to hear it, but once I did I couldn’t keep myself from crying. I’ve never been anything but myself with my friends, and here it is – a validation that everything I am is so important to another human being. That no matter how far away he is, no matter what happens in my life, my friends are here to pick me up and dust me off. This kind of friendship is what makes life worth living and I hope I will continue to be worthy of it.

A friend in need

It’s moments like these that have kept me going through my worst moments.

Sam, my wonderful and sweet brother, you are the reason why friendship truly is magic.

We may live a world apart and have different parents, but I couldn’t have asked for a better brother in the whole wide world. Mike and I both love you to bits and pieces.

If we could, we’d adopt you. (No Mike, you don’t get a say in this.)

I have no words that could possibly describe how grateful I am to you. I just hope the world repays you triple quadruple.