An influx of new ideas

Because I’ve recently discovered the joys of magic loop knitting (screw those DP needles!) I thought it was time to invest in some knitting markers. I kind of wanted to use colored plastic paperclips to save on the expense, but in the end I found them too clumsy to work with properly. So I went to the store and bought a set of 21 pieces.

The problem is that the markers don’t come in a reusable container. It’s plastic and cardboard that once ripped open is useless. Although I have my lovely Wonder Woman lunchbox to keep my small knitting supplies in, I didn’t want them scattered around. I had no other small containers left for these things. So I figured why not make my own little pouch?

I’m using about 3-4mm (worsted) yarn in pink/purple/grey colors. 15 stitches on a 3.5mm needle. The pouch will be about 20 rows tall, so 40 rows total, and it will have a flap of about 8 rows to cover the top with. I wanted to use a button to close it with, but instead I might use two ropes sewn on each side to tie it. Or perhaps just a band to stick the flap in. I’m using the stockinette stich with the knit stitches on the outside for the nicest look (in my opinion). The inside will be lined with some old black t-shirt fabric, sewn into a slightly smaller pouch and then sewn into the top of the knitted pouch so that the stitch markers won’t get suck in the knitting itself.

I’m about 36 rows in in the picture. I’ll have it finished by tonight and then I can show everyone!

I’m also proud to announce that the pair of socks for my boyfriend are done. They’re far from perfect (I made a whole bunch of mistakes) but they’re roomie, comfy and much better made than the first pair a couple of months ago. They were done on a 24 peg round loom, double yarn 3-4mm, with double e-wrap stitch (e-wrap 3 times on each peg, then bring the bottom loop over the top so you’re left with 2 loops on the peg) to make them thicker.

My next goal is to knit thin socks on circular knitting needles. I’m still trying to get the hang of it all with the magic looping business, but it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be. The only tricky part is figuring out the pattern for the size. I researched several techniques for knitting toe up socks and each is vastly different. The patterns are either free but hard to follow, or the techniques are so complex that I dismiss them as useful. I think I’m going to have to take whatever I need from each video and pattern, and then mess around to see what works out for me. I’ll keep you all posted!


A pro-active day

After my break down from last night, I slept a little bit. Not much, but enough to supply me with energy for today.

That starts my post off with good news, okay news, and not so okay news.

The good news is that I woke up to an email from my boyfriend (finally!) who appears to have come down with a condition called ‘watch’. This condition inflicts excessive amounts of boredom and snoozing, which is why he wasn’t able to get back to me sooner. He mentioned he has a surprise for me and that I’d know about nine hours from when he emailed me, but it’s been almost 11 hours since then and I haven’t heard anything yet. I’m not going to freak out just yet, but I’m dying of curiosity here! His surprises are always really good.

The okay news is that I got to spend the entire day with my family. After waking up and taking care of myself, I visited my parents and knitted. A lot. I’m working on a new sock pattern that I found which enables me to knit my sock in one go on the loom, and after I finally figured out the concept it’s been pretty easy. Pictured in this post is a partial sock, with heel, and the family dog snoozing in the background. After my mom had to get ready for work, I left to see my sister. We went grocery shopping and had dinner at her place. I got two bars of soap from her when I went home, and they both smell really nice!

The not so okay news is that I’m now home, and looking at the utter mess my apartment is. I’m tired from being around people all day, my cats are going batshit crazy running around like morons. I really need to start cleaning because my apartment just isn’t in any okay condition anymore, but whenever I make plans to get going with it I just crash. It sucks. I want to ask my friend for help, but I’m not sure I can tolerate hearing an exasperated sigh and that typical ‘holy fuck’ expression people give.

My plan for the rest of the evening is to have some lemonade, maybe eat some rice pudding and watch Yogscast while knitting, probably until I hear back from my boyfriend.

Slow and steady

It always wins the race!

My goal is to finish everything before the 14th, buy all the candy I need and send the care package off to my boyfriend. That leaves about 5 weeks for delivery to the ship overseas. Think that will be enough?

I also don’t know how else to knit a sock on a round knitting loom. I made the foot on the loom (2 rows 24 pins, 13 rows 23 pins, then 23 rows 24 pins) and knitted the cuff separately on one pointed knitting needles so I could get a proper stretchy but dense stitch in it.

If anyone knows another way to knit a sock on a round knitting loom and on single pointed knitting needles, I would GREATLY appreciate the help!