I need help with false lashes

The glue-on lashes make my eyes look fan-fucking-tastic. I’m able to apply them just fine (and will practice more in the future), but I run into two issues:

  1. The ever so famous “one of the corners came off” issue happens to me every single time, despite royally applying glue to the corners and them sticking for an hour or two just fine. Yes I allow the glue to dry before applying. I have no idea how to fix this.
    • Someone suggested cutting the lashes into 3 sections but that might look like crap too. Anyone have experience with this?
    • I’m very curious to try individual lashes, are they less likely to come off than full band lashes? Are they more difficult to take off?
    • It might be the lashes and the glue themselves. They are ‘cheap’ drugstore brand (Kruidvat) and obviously plastic-y, the glue might not be very good at all, but I’m not experienced enough to know. I’ve never tried more expensive or different brand lashes because I couldn’t justify investing when I’ve barely worn/planned on wearing falsies.
  2. I have a cylinder in one eye, which means my right eyeball is shaped different from my left. This in turn makes my eyelids uneven, and the lashes don’t apply the same way to each lid. Should I just accept that they will always look uneven or is there a fix for it? I’m fine with my eyes being different (sisters, not twins, applies to everything and not just eyebrows!) but if there’s a way to improve symmetry I’m all for it.

I want to order some nice Red Cherry lashes with the ‘Red Cherry She Gloo Clear’ in the next week with my birthday money – any thoughts or recommendations for other lashes/glues are most welcome. (Keep in mind I live in the Netherlands, so not all brands may be available to me.)