Quest completed – Achievement unlocked!

It has taken me two months to complete this project.

But it is done, and I couldn’t be happier with it!!

It’s one part of my boyfriend’s care package.

Upon inquiring “isn’t it too girly looking?” all he had to say was “no, it’s not girly enough!”

And this is why I love him so!

I’m super pleased. It’s probably a little unconventional because, hey, it’s not really a scarf and it’s not really a blanket, but hovering somewhere in between. That was entirely accidental.


Mission: Failed

My intention was to ship the package out by the 14th. It was my quest! Unfortunately, I ran into a few bumps in the road with my health.

I had a major breakdown a couple of days ago because little things that happened bottled up. I assumed I was overreacting with the things that bugged me. In the end, I just broke down bawling and told him how I felt.

Needless to say that consumed immense amounts of energy. I was too tired to knit much, nevermind tackle the last sprint on this project!

So I’ve concluded that Saturday (and the night following it into Sunday) I’m going to finish up sewing all the apples, stalks and leaves onto the scarf, then wash that and the socks on Sunday morning so it has a day to dry. Then I’ll be packing everything up Sunday evening and shipping it off on Monday!

I have 3 apples sewn on, 1 complete with stalk and leaf. That leaves 5 apples to finish completely, and then I’m done!

The Last Checkpoint

I’m finally there!

The main scarf is done.

All it needs is all the apples sewn onto it (with 3 more on the way, already working on the 4th) and then BAM, done!

I know the apples don’t all look so nice, but I’m planning on fixing the shape a little when they’re sewn onto the main body. I used the same pattern for all 3, but one turned out way nicer than the others and I have no clue why.

The most likely explanation is that I messed up somewhere and that ‘fixed’ the shape. I’ll probably never know though!

1,000 yards down the line

It’s been many weeks since I started this project. My first time trying two combinations of stitches to make a thick, fluffy and flexible scarf mutated into a half blankie, half scarf type of deal.

I did my best to get matching colors but had a bit of a hard time with it. It’s supposed to be an Applejack scarf, in her colors, with her cutie mark on both ends.

I just started binding off the work with the Elisabeth Zimmerman bind off. It’s my favorite in combination with the long tail cast on as they match very closely and it’s not too tight.

Although I’m not done yet, I hope to be able to knit the remaining 3 apples by Monday evening so I can sew them on and then give the whole thing a thorough hand wash before dousing it in my perfume (as per the boyfriend’s not creepy request). Hurray!

A disturbance in the force

This is by far my biggest knitting project yet. The first time I used these stitch patterns and got ‘creative’ with colors and texture.

It started out as an Applejack scarf.

Since then it has taken on a life of its own and started growing exceptionally fast. Now it’s mutated into a cross between a blanket and a scarf, which I’ve affectionately dubbed a scarfie for my boyfriend.

I have 8 rows left to knit on the yellow lining. And then I almost dropped a stitch without realizing.

Let me repeat that: I almost dropped a stitch without realizing.

To some of you this may mean very little. Perhaps you are skilled enough to fix this without losing your mind. Perhaps you don’t know how significant a dropped stitch is.

I almost cried.

I’m super thankful I’ve grown enough in the last half a year to know how to fix a dropped stitch when caught in time by using a crochet needle. If I hadn’t, I don’t even know what I would have done with the approximate 1,000 yards of yarn that went into this thing.